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Executive Board

Here to help keep retired Fire Fighters involved in their retirement and the fire service.


IARF stays involved by attending events such as parades, ceremonies, and more.

Political Action

Stay politically active and keep an interest in your retirement, pension, and benefits.


From golf outings to fishing tournaments, we stay involved with active and retired members helping raise funds for good causes.

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Political Action

Upcoming Bills:

Click on the Illinois General Assembly to look up important legislative issues you maybe concerned about.  The IARF works hand in hand with the AFFI when it comes to standing up for issues important to our Retired Firefighters.  Please attend our Quarterly Meetings to find out what issues we are presently facing and addressing that could impact your retirement.


With changing weather conditions, it is also a great idea to register to vote from home.  Your local County Clerk will have the forms on-line for you to register.  A ballot will arrive at your home, fill it out, and send it off.  Your civic duty has been completed, and you don't even need to put your coat and shoes on!  It's that easy. 

The 101st General Assembly went into overtime to complete their work on June 2. The AFFI Legislative Committee spent the last 11+ days in Springfield monitoring and advocating.

Attached are the bills we were successful in having pass both chambers and sent to the Governors desk.

SB 37: Secondary Employment (requires the Secondary employer to report exposures in accordance with NFPA guidelines to the Primary employer’s fire pension fund. It also requires them to report annual hours worked and wages to the Primary employer’s fire pension fund)

HB 2215 Labor History (requires every full time firefighter hired in the state of Illinois to receive an educational presentation via a website link or in person on the history of the fire service labor movement)

HB 2502 Article 6 to 4 Pension Transfer (allows for Article 4 participants who have creditable service in Article 6 to transfer that creditable service to Article 4. There is no limit to the number of years of service that can transfer, but the participant has 6 months from the time of the Governors signature to advise both pension funds of the desire to transfer)

HB 2854 Apprentice Program (Creates a hiring preference of up to 20 points for a person who has performed fire suppression service for a department as a firefighter apprentice and otherwise meet the qualifications for original appointment as a firefighter)

Not many organizations at the Capitol get more than one or two pieces advanced in a 2 year cycle, so we feel good about what we were able to accomplish during the first 5 months of this General Assembly considering the monumental legislation that was passed to put Illinois back on the right track.

AFFI Bills 101st General Assembly Year 1



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